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Signs that your cat loves you

Signs that your cat loves you

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Cats are independent, aloof and plotting the downfall of their human housemates. Is this really true, or is it a moggy myth? Maybe our feline friends have more subtle ways of expressing themselves and we just need to learn to ‘talk cat’.  Read on if you have ever wanted to discover the signs that your cat loves you.

How to tell if my cat loves me – the top 10 signs

  1. Hanging out together

Is your cat always ‘there’? Perhaps you put your feet up for five minutes and your kitty appears as if by magic. Maybe you are in the shower and in slinks your fluffball. Or most inconvenient of all, your cat decides your laptop or newspaper is the perfect spot for a quick nap. All are sure signs that your kitty just loves to be with you.

  1. Sleeping on you

Whether your cat’s preference is to curl up on a nice warm lap in the evening, or on your head in the early hours of the morning, sleeping near you is a sure sign that you share a close bond.

  1. The feline stare

Cats only make direct eye contact if they like you. So, if you are on the receiving end of a long hard gaze from your fluffball, rest assured that rather than plotting your demise, they are trying to tell you that they love you.

  1. Slow blinking

The slow blink is a step up on the feline affection scale from the hard stare. A sign of true love, it is the kitty equivalent of a kiss. How cute!

  1. Grooming

Your cat will only indulge in a bit of human grooming if you are on their nice list. A true sign that you are one of the feline family.

  1. Head butt

Not the done thing in the human world, but a kitty head butt is a sign of affection. During head butting or face rubbing, cats mark whoever or whatever is on the receiving end, with their scent. Their way of saying ‘you’re mine’.

  1. Kneading

Does your cat like to knead you with their paws when they curl up on your lap? Kittens knead their mother’s belly to encourage milk flow, so this behaviour harks back to their younger days. Watch out for those claws if your cat gets over-enthusiastic.

  1. Meowing

Did you know that adult cats rarely meow to communicate with each other? Meowing is largely reserved for talking to us humans. If you find yourself having a conversation with your cat, you are likely to share a pretty strong connection. Just another of the signs your cat really loves you.

  1. Biting

Is cat biting affectionate? Well, it really depends on the circumstances. A playful bite can definitely be a sign of affection. These gentle nibbles do not tend to hurt and are a sign that your cat is relaxed and happy enough in your presence to let their kitty hair down and have some fun. However, some cats will bite if they feel anxious, threatened or angry. These nips may hurt, and you will be in little doubt as to your cat’s motives. For more information, have a read our guide on kitten biting here.

  1.  Gifts

Cats enjoy bringing home gifts for their nearest and dearest. Deceased rodents may not feature high up your birthday wish list, but you rate pretty favourably in your feline’s estimations if they think you are worthy of one of their presents.

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