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Can dogs eat cucumbers?

Can dogs eat cucumbers?

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Dogs are omnivores, which means that they will eat a variety of food of both plant and animal origin. And these opportunistic omnivores may seize the chance to snaffle some human food of any variety, including fruit and veg! Whilst an upset tummy may be the worst that happens in most cases, there are some foods that should always be avoided by our canine friends. So, if you have a pooch who eats anything and everything with great gusto, you may have had reason to ask, can dogs eat cucumbers?

Is cucumber safe for dogs?

The great news is that all parts of a cucumber, including the flesh, skin and seeds, are non-toxic and safe to give to dogs. So, can dogs eat cucumbers? Absolutely yes, but as with all treats remember that a good rule of thumb is that they should make up no more than 10% of your pooch’s daily food intake.

Are cucumber plants poisonous to dogs?

Most dogs will turn their nose up at the foliage because it isn’t particular tasty. However, rest assured that if your canine friend has a less discerning palate and is inclined to nibble on the leaves or stem of your prize cucumber plant, they are unlikely to come to any harm. Just like the fruit (yes, cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable!), the plant is non-toxic.

You should only feed cucumber in moderation

Can cucumber harm my dog?

Harm is unlikely to come to your dog from eating cucumber. However, you should only feed cucumber in moderation as large amounts can cause tummy upsets.

Also, it is advisable to cut cucumber into small bite-sized slices prior to feeding it to your dog as there is a risk that your dog may choke if fed whole cucumbers or larger chunks.

What are the health benefits of feeding cucumber to dogs?

Cucumber is a crunchy and refreshing treat and can make a great choice of snack, with several health benefits:

  1. Cucumber is low in calories

This makes cucumber a great choice of snack if you are helping your pooch to shed a few pounds, or if you simply want to keep them nice and trim.

  1. Cucumber has a high water content

Cucumber is roughly 96% water. This makes it a hydrating and refreshing treat in warmer weather. For an extra-cooling effect, try freezing small portions.

  1. Cucumber has a low nutritional value

The low nutrient content of cucumber might be seen as a disadvantage, but in some dogs with underlying health conditions it can be a positive; the low fat content makes it safe for dogs who are prone to pancreatitis, for example, whilst low sodium means it is not a problem for dogs with heart disease.

Are pickled cucumbers safe for dogs?

Pickled cucumbers are not suitable as a doggy snack. Although fresh cucumbers are safe for dogs to eat, the pickled variety are not. Pickling agents usually include spices and salt, both of which can make dogs unwell. In particular, garlic and onion are commonly used ingredients which can have adverse effects; for more information, why not read our article: Dogs and onions – Vital Pet Club – Expert pet advice from vets

The answer to the question, ‘can dogs eat cucumbers?’ is a resounding yes. Just make sure to feed it in moderation to avoid giving your dog an upset stomach and cut it into slices before feeding to reduce the risk of choking. Always seek veterinary advice if you are ever in doubt as to the best choice of treat for your dog.

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